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Iron deficiency myths…

Iron deficiency myths…

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If you have adrenal fatigue or have low iron or are just flat out anemic, then please read this post.

The most common answer to the above is to take iron supplementation right?

Well, this is where I want you to get some information you may not have heard before.

Your stomach produces something call HCL (hydrochloric acid). It has many functions.

One of the functions of HCL is to get iron from your food assimilated into your blood.

That’s just ONE of the important functions.

But think about this… if your HCL is low, no matter what supplementation you take, the iron will still not pass through into the blood!

So you can end up feeling nauseous because of the excessive iron in your stomach that is not getting absorbed.

So the thing to correct is your HCL levels, NOT your iron.

Therefore, the best thing to do with regard to low iron , is to first check your hcl production.


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